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ChrisPC Movie TV Series Watcher is a small application that will help its users find films and series on stream through the internet.

The program is basically a search motor that will be in charge of exploring other webpages trying to find video for streaming with the search chain that we have indicated. We will be able to look for films, series, documentaries or whatever we want.

In ChrisPC Movie TV Series Watcher we can watch 720p HD quality videos and series online, ideal for users with powerful internet connections; or we can watch medium quality videos (480p and 360p), recommended for those users with less powerful connections.

Another very interesting service is that we can load any subtitles file directly to the video that we are playing on stream.

ChrisPC Movie TV is a very interesting application, thanks to which we will be able to watch our favourite videos and series more quickly than we would normally do it, if we had to download them first to our hard drive.
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